Synthetic compressor oil is an essential component for the smooth operation of your compressors.


Well, it helps to prolong the life of your machinery, prevents excessive wear and tear, and can improve the efficiency of your whole operation.

Pretty impressive for a bottle of oil, right?

Let’s explore exactly what this kind of lubricant is and why it is the best option for your compressor.

What Is Synthetic Compressor Oil?

Synthetic compressor oil is a lubricant specially designed to handle the extreme conditions experienced within a compressor. It is made using a synthetic base oil and specialized additives which help to improve a compressor’s performance and provide superior lubrication for a variety of compressor types including: rotary screw, piston, rotary vane, centrifugal, and others.

Its key purpose is to lubricate and protect the moving parts and components within a compressor, prolonging the life of the mechanisms and allowing for a more effective performance.

The main characteristics of synthetic compressor oil are:

  • High Thermal Stability: Synthetic compressor oils will withstand high operating temperatures without breaking down, oxidizing, or forming harmful deposits. This stability is essential because compressors often generate a significant amount of heat during operation.
  • Compatibility: Designed exclusively for use in compressors, these oils will work well with all compressor components. They protect the seals and gaskets, minimizing the risk of leaks and material degradation.
  • Low Volatility: Compared to traditional mineral-based oils, synthetic varieties have lower volatility, meaning they evaporate less quickly. Obviously, this means better lubrication within the compressor system and reduces the need for frequent oil top-ups.
  • Great Lubrication: When buying a lubricant, you want it to lubricate well, funnily enough! Synthetic compressor oils offer superior lubrication properties that reduce friction and wear between the moving parts. This can help to prolong the lifespan of your compressor components and maintain smooth operation.

Why Do You Need It?

Why do you need to add lubricant to a compressor in the first place? Well, it is a crucial component in ensuring the effective operation of your compressor unit.

These are the main reasons why you need to use it:

Friction Reduction

Compressors have a number of moving parts like pistons or rotors, and bearings. These all operate at high speed and under significant pressure. Without lubricant, these parts may have to operate with metal-to-metal contact. This would cause dangerous amounts of friction, resulting in component damage or even machine malfunction.

Using a lubricant allows for smoother operation, reduced friction, and more efficiency within the compressor.

Heat Reduction

During the compressor operation process, a large amount of heat is generated. Fortunately a high quality synthetic lubricant can help to reduce the amount of heat created by absorbing it and carrying it away from the critical components in your compressor.

This simple act manages the heat within the machinery, preventing overheating from occurring and maintaining a stable operating temperature.

Seal Protection

Compressor systems often use seals and gaskets to maintain pressure differentials between various stages of compression. Lubricants help keep these seals supple and lubricated, preventing leaks and maintaining the integrity of the compression process.

Corrosion Reduction

In types of machinery like compressors, there tend to be a large number of metal parts. That means those parts are always at risk of rust and corrosion. This is particularly true when a compressor is exposed to humid conditions or corrosive elements.

However, a lubricant can help to prevent that from happening by adding a literal layer of protection over the various components. Keeping them lubricated minimizes the chance of rust forming.

Better Operation

Synthetic compressor oil can help to reduce vibrations within the unit, allowing it to operate in a quieter fashion. It also helps to reduce the chance of mechanical faults occurring as a result of excessive vibration.

The right lubricant can help to eliminate potentially hazardous contaminants too. It can trap and suspend things like dust, dirt and small particles, preventing them from damaging the sensitive parts of your compressor. If not managed properly, contaminants can cause blockages, so the use of a lubricant is crucial to keep them moving.

Greater Efficiency

Vital energy can be lost when friction or excessive vibrations occur within a compressor. By using a lubricant to reduce those things, you can improve the efficiency of your machinery. This creates improved energy efficiency, even creating cost savings in industrial and commercial applications.

Where Can You Get Synthetic Compressor Oil?

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November 01, 2023