Let’s talk about compressors!

They are unique machines that power businesses all over the world.

Given that compressors have a significant number of moving parts, using the right lubricant is an essential part of their smooth and continual operation.

So, let’s explore the many ways that synthetic compressor oil can offer superior lubrication in a variety of different industries.

What Is Synthetic Compressor Oil?

Synthetic compressor oil is a lubricant that is specially designed to function within a compressor. Makes sense, doesn’t it? Made using a synthetic base oil, it includes special additives to help it perform under extreme conditions.

The oil helps the compressor perform better and provides superior lubrication for a variety of different compressor types. It does this by lubricating and protecting the moving parts within the machinery, prolonging the life of the mechanisms.

Synthetic compressor oil is the best choice for this machinery as it is designed exclusively for use within compressors, with high thermal stability, low volatility and better lubrication. For more in depth information about why synthetic compressor oil is the best, you can read our recent blog here.

Types Of Compressors

There are lots of different varieties of compressors - rotary screw, piston, rotary vane, and centrifugal to name a few. But, no matter the variety, their primary role doesn’t differ. A compressor's function is to reduce a gas's overall volume by intensifying its pressure. This process creates energy which can either be released and transferred for immediate use or stored in a tank for later.

There are two main categories of compressors:

Positive Displacement

Positive displacement compressors trap a certain volume of gas, then reduce that volume to increase pressure. Common types of positive displacement compressors include reciprocating and rotary screw varieties. Rotary compressors use rotating screws to force gases into smaller spaces, whereas reciprocating compressors utilise a series of pistons driven by a crankshaft to compress the gas.

Dynamic Compressors

A dynamic compressor utilises continuous rotation to accelerate a gas to high velocity and then converts that velocity into pressure. Centrifugal and Axial compressors both fall into the dynamic category. A centrifugal compressor uses rotation to create centrifugal force to compress the gas, and an axial compressor uses rotating blessed to accelerate the gas for pressure creation.

Regardless of the type of compressor you have, it is going to require an effective lubricant to ensure it operates at optimum efficiency.

Why Synthetic?

Compressors have an important job, and the right lubricant is essential for ensuring their consistent performance and protection. We strongly recommend choosing synthetic oil as they are specifically engineered to meet the high demands and operating conditions within a compressor.

Synthetic oils offer consistent performance as their precise properties can be replicated in every production run. They also have the ability to perform in the extreme heat of a compressor without sludging or degrading.

Because of this, they outperform their mineral counterparts, providing constant and effective lubrication for your vital compressor components. Discover more about why you should choose a synthetic oil in our recent blog.

The Many Applications Of Synthetic Compressor Oil

Compressors play a crucial role in many different industries and synthetic compressor oil keeps them running smoothly. Here are just some of the many applications in which synthetic compressor oil can help keep your gears turning, literally:

  • Industrial Processes: Compressors are used in several different industrial scenarios, like pneumatic tools, gas pipelines, manufacturing and more. Often these are high temperature applications where conventional oils may break down or degrade quickly. Synthetic options offer better stability at these elevated temperatures, supporting continual smooth operation.
  • Air Compressors: when most people hear the term ‘air compressor’, they automatically think about inflating tyres! While an air compressor is used in automotives, they are also used in many other industries like oil and gas, mining and drilling, health, and industrial environments. The right oil allows proper lubrication of all the moving parts within an air compressor, reducing friction and ensuring efficient operation.
  • Food Industries: Safety regulations are key in the food industry. So, it is essential for compliance that food-grade oils are used in compressors that come into contact with food products. Synthetic compressor oils are the best option as they are specially formulated to meet the exacting standards of the food industry.
  • Refrigeration: Compressors play a vital role in refrigeration. That includes commercial refrigeration units, HVAC systems, air conditioning, and other cooling equipment. Synthetic compressor oils assist in maintaining proper lubrication and cooling within these units.
  • Gas And Oil: These oils are suitable for gas compressors used in various industries, including natural gas processing plants, petrochemical refineries, and gas pipelines. They help in maintaining equipment performance and reliability.

Choosing The Right Oil

When selecting a synthetic compressor oil, it's important to consider the specific requirements of the compressor, such as operating conditions, temperature range, compressor type, manufacturer recommendations, and any regulatory standards that need to be met (such as food-grade requirements).

Compressors operate in intense conditions, so you will need to be mindful of the strain your lubricant will be subjected to. All the things that occur in a compressor - heat, moisture, friction, hot surfaces, and constantly moving parts - can put huge stress on your lubricant.

That’s why choosing a lubricant that is up to the task is vital! As we have mentioned many times before, synthetic compressor oils are specially formulated to handle these conditions. They actively protect against the dangers of evaporation, oxidation, decline in viscosity, buildup, particle collection and condensation.

The proper lubricant is going to play an essential role in prolonging the life of your compressor and ensuring there are no unexpected interruptions to its operation. So, that's why we recommend sourcing your oil from the team here at American Synthol.

Complete lubricant specialists, we can help you find the right option for your machine. With more than 40 years of business under our belts, we have the synthetic compressor oil you need for smooth and effective operation.

Browse our range now or get in touch with our friendly team for their expert advice today.

December 10, 2023