It’s true that some of our most popular products are synthetic compressor oils.

But, that’s not all that we are here at American Synthol.

We LOVE anything with a big, bad ass engine and moving parts.

So, it makes sense that we are petrolheads too.

We love racing. That means, we also love racing oil as it is a crucial component for helping your racing vehicle to perform at top capacity, allowing you to go faster for longer.

Let’s explore what makes this particular oil good for racing now.

What Is Racing Oil Used In?

Racing oil is a high-performance engine oil that is specially designed for vehicles that drive hard and fast - in other words, under racing conditions. Suitable for use in racing cars, motorcycles and other high-performance vehicles, it operates best under extreme conditions.

Racing oil’s primary purpose is to provide superior lubrication and protection to the various components of a racing engine. It needs to be specially formulated as racing engines operate at high speeds and under intense conditions. Those conditions are intense because a racing engine endures higher temperatures, extreme pressures, and increased stress compared to regular street engines.

What Makes An Oil Good For Racing?

We believe that the best racing oils are made with a synthetic base and include additives that help protect your engine and improve its performance.

What makes racing oils so good for powering your racing machine?


Because synthetic oils are made to a specific formulation in each production run, you will get a consistent product every time.

They are also more consistent in molecular structure than petroleum based engine oils, allowing them to maintain the correct level of viscosity no matter the temperature. That means the oil lubricates just as well at both ends of the temperature spectrum - during a cold engine start or operating at a high temperature while racing.

This is critical for racing engines as their temperatures can fluctuate rapidly.

Better Lubrication

Synthetic racing oils contain high-quality base oils and additives designed to provide superior lubrication. The molecular structure of synthetic oil helps minimize friction between moving engine parts, reducing wear and tear, and improving overall engine performance.

Heat Management

Racing engines can generate significant heat during high-speed operations so they need something that will continue to lubricate all the necessary components without breaking down or sludging. That’s why you should select a synthetic racing oil, they maintain their integrity and lubricating properties at high heat, making them the perfect option for a race engine.

Improved Engine Protection

As you can imagine, a racing engine gets a bit of a thrashing, so you want to do all that you can to protect it against excessive wear and tear. Racing oils are engineered with additives that offer enhanced protection against wear, oxidation, and deposit formation, ensuring the engine's components remain clean and well-protected even under extreme stress.

This can help to prolong the life of your racing vehicle and minimize the risk of unnecessary and costly repairs.

Reduced Friction

Excessive friction can result in reduced power output, increased wear and tear, and decreased fuel efficiency - all things that are no good for your racing performance. Luckily, racing oil can help to reduce unnecessary friction.
Synthetic racing oils typically have lower friction coefficients compared to conventional oils. Lower friction means less power loss within the engine, allowing it to operate more efficiently and potentially deliver better performance.

Customized Formulations

During the production of synthetic racing oil, we have the power to tailor individual products to suit specific racing disciplines or the demands of certain engine types. That means you can access a range of lubricants that you know will protect your engine, no matter if it is a car, truck, motorcycle, or UTV. And we can make sure each individual formulation protects the necessary engine components while giving you the best chance of standing atop the podium at the finish line!

Is Racing Oil Good In Street Vehicles?

Wondering if racing oil might give your family runaround a bit more pep? The answer is probably no.

It's important to note that racing oils might not be suitable for everyday or street use due to their specialized formulation. They are tailored for specific racing conditions and high-performance engines. So, using them in standard vehicles might not provide any additional benefits and could even be detrimental to the engine's health and longevity.

Best to keep the racing oil for the racing machines.

Racing Is In Our Blud

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January 01, 2024