Multi purpose hand sanitizer and surface disinfectant in easy to use quart spray bottles. Now available in cases. Shipment only in the continental US.  Limited quantity. Call for more information.

American Synthol, Inc.

EST. 1983

American Synthol, Inc. produces state-of-the-art advanced technology synthetic lubricants for compressors, engines, transmissions, hydraulics, blowers, chains and food grade applications.

Founded in 1983 by Joe T. Green, the company maintains its focus on manufacturing the best synthetic lubricants in the industry, marketing them at a competitive price while providing outstanding customer service. Our flagship brands, Amerilube® and Eagle™, are recognized worldwide as premier lubricant solutions for the toughest applications.


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Blud Lubricants® produces 100% synthetic oils and lubricants that are designed and engineered to enhance the precision engineered vehicles that use the product.

Blud Lubricants'® signature products the Blud Racing Pro Series and Blud Racing Pro Elite Series were created to bring out the highest level of performance and protection for all types of racing: dirt track, sprint, road, off-road, desert, enduro, motocross, supercross, karting, drag, hi-speed boat and a host of others.